Sport & Spa Hotel Vesileppis - Leppävirta, FinlandPowered by STICK-KE2

09 Oct 2020

Sport & Spa Hotel Vesileppis - Leppävirta, Finland

The renovation of Vesileppis Centre for Sport and Health was completed in the summer of 2020. Over a 100 old light globes were repaired and modernized to RGBW technology utilizing Philips Hue wireless technology. The old pool lights equipped with discharge lamps have been upgraded to LED technology and to versatile ADJ 32 HEX Panel IP lights. The choice was supported by 8 individually controlled pix zones as well as amber and UV LED groups.

DMX lighting control is powered by Nicolaudie STICK-KE2 controller.

Product: STICK-KE2
Client: The Municipality of Leppävirta
Lighting designer: LITE-designs
Lighting suppliers: Philips Signify, ADJ Lighting, VikingPro, Ideafix, Rakennusapteekki

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