Hotel Radisson Blu Gran CanariaPowered by STICK-DE3

02 Dec 2019

Hotel Radisson Blu Gran Canaria

The Radisson Blu Resort, Gran Canaria sits on the southern coast of the island, with convenient access to several beaches, from Patalavaca Beach (Playa de Patalavaca) to the white sand beach of Anfi.

Our customer LEDCAN was in charge of the hotel lighting (interior and exterior). The facade has been illuminated with 8 units of Philips Blast Powercore RGB and controlled over DMX by the Nicolaudie STICK-DE3.

The STICK-DE3 is defininitely the number #1 controller for hotel lighting control as it offers a perfect answer to lighting designers needs: reliability, integration possibilities, state-of-the-art design, remote management...

Company: LEDCAN
Product: STICK-DE3

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