Parish Church "St. Hieronymus" – Vitznau, SwitzerlandPowered by STICK-KE1

15 Jul 2019

Parish Church

During extensive renovation work in 2017, the over 170 years old catholic church in Vitznau received new interior lighting for the sanctuary. There are 20 RGBA spots in the ceiling and 2 RGBA floodlights behind the altar. These can be controlled over the STICK-KE1 in the sacristy or from everywhere near the altar by the Lightpad app.

In addition to that, there is a second zone (Universe 2) with 6 RGBW LED lights to illuminate the outside, which switch on and off together with the park illumination, depending on the clock and brightness. This was solved with trigger inputs over ports 1-3.

Company: Moving Light and Sound GmbH
Product: STICK-KE1

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