SOYUZ rocket monument in Samara (Russia)Powered by STICK-DE3

11 Oct 2018

SOYUZ rocket monument in Samara (Russia)

The Soyuz carrier rocket, the main exhibit of the Samara City Cosmic Museum and Exhibition Center, can now be seen from space. On the initiative of the veterans of the space industry, a project of architectural lighting was developed, the presentation of which was timed to the Day of the City.

To create a light image of a 55-meter launch vehicle, were used NICOLAUDIE STICK-DE3 STICK controller and TM IMLIGHT light fixtures. The concept of architectural and artistic lighting of the 20-ton monument of the launch vehicle has three modes: daily, night static and weekend mode (static + dynamics + show effect). Daily mode is activated on weekdays at dusk and until 23:00. The rocket is illuminated with static light with dynamic effects of smooth color overflow from the nozzle to the top. Night static mode works from 23:00 to 5:00. Weekend mode (also works on holidays with the onset of twilight until 23:00) provides for dynamic lighting with audio.

Specialists used a STICK-DE3 programmable controller with the ability to record light scenes with a weekly schedule as a controller for controlling and synchronizing audio and light scenes.

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