Arcolis DesignerOn-site programming app

Typical lighting apps are often limited to a simple remote control, with programming made using advanced software which can take time to master.
Available for Android, iPhone, iPad and Mac, Arcolis Designer combines an easy to use app with a powerful timeline-based lighting programming system.

Go mobile

Arcolis gives you the freedom to move around the site, controlling and programming an installation in real-time without being restricted to a laptop and USB cable in the control room.

Scenes & FX
at your fingertips

Map Fixtures

Map out a 2D plan of your lights & LED strips.

Color Mixing

Mix RGB, Warm White, Cold White and Color Temperature light sources.

Design Scenes & FX

Assign colors, dimming levels and color mixing effects.

Timeline Editor

Arrange effects & colors on a timeline.


Schedule scenes to play on certain dates and times.


Control in real-time over WiFi.


Transfer the final project to a Nicolaudie DMX interface for stand alone control.

Tweak your lights on any device

LS Cloud allows you to backup & sync your projects across multiple devices. Map your lights on a tablet, refine your effects on a Mac, then make final changes on-site using your phone.

Arcolis Designer works with most up-to-date Nicolaudie DMX interfaces

Arcolis DesignerDownload

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